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So you want to be a project manager?  Did you know that there are very few universities that offer degrees in project management yet it is a position in virtually every company? Obviously there are certifications, books, and professional organizations, but it is still a profession that is defined differently in many organizations.  Many people “accidently” become project managers. It usually happens because a manager assigns someone to manage a project who is competent and organized and who they can trust to get the job done. It is only after you become a project manager that you realize that there is an entire industry built around the profession of education and training project managers. In this webinar, we will address some the key “rules” and answer some of the burning questions new project managers often have: Should I get a project management certification? How do I get people to listen to me who don’t work for me? Do I need to know both Agile and Traditional project management? What do I need to know about project management tools? And many more…. The 20 Golden Rules  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Earn 1.5 PDUs or Agile Contact Hours You can access this course for one-year after enrollment. Read More

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